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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1 - What is DNCIndia.com?
Ans: DNCIndia.com is a free online DNC Scrubbing service. It is a platform to help you filter all DND registered numbers from your calling lists in an updated, reliable and secure environment.

Q.2 - Why should I filter DND numbers from my calling lists?
Ans: As per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) regulations, any BPO or Enterprise engaged in mass outbound calls or cold calling as a part of their sales process, cannot call on a number registered as Do-not-Disturb/ Do-not-Call. To adhere to this, the telemarketers are required to filter their calling lists of all the numbers in NCPR/ NDNC database.

Q.3 - How does DNCIndia.com help me in DNC scrubbing?
Ans. DNCIndia.com maintains a local database of all the numbers in NCPR. The DNCIndia.com registered users upload their calling lists to their accounts and download filtered lists in real-time. And all this for free. Also, DNCIndia.com filtered lists ensure that your telemarketing processes are adhering to DNC/ DND call regulations.

Q.4 -How do I register with DNCIndia.com?
Ans. Click on the link (or copy & paste in your browser window)- http://www.dncindia.com/dncindia/registrationScreen.xhtml. Fill in the requested information and authorize your account. Post this, you are a member of DNCIndia.com

Q.5 - How do I edit/remove my profile information?
Ans.: This feature is unavailable currently (beta stage). Please create a new profile if you wish to make any changes. The final launch will have edit/remove profile section and much more value-adding features.

Q.6 - I forgot my password. What should I do?
Ans.: If you have forgotten your password, Please click on 'Forgot your Password' link, just below the Sign In button in login window. Enter your registered E-mail address. You will be receive an E-mail with your password.

Q.7 - How to save CSV file from Excel?
Ans.: In order to save your workbook data in CSV format, follow these steps:

  • Choose Save As from the File menu. Excel displays the Save As dialog box.
  • In the Save As Type drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog box, choose the CSV (Comma delimited) option.
  • Use the other controls in the dialog box to specify a file name and location.
  • Click on Save.
  • Excel may display a dialog box telling you that not all Excel features can be maintained in the format you have chosen.
  • Click on Yes to continue saving the information in CSV format.

Q.8 - What is the difference in scrubbing my data for SMS or Phone Communication?
Ans.: Any DND number is registered as either as Partially Blocked (SMS under certain categories* allowed, No commercial phone call allowed) or Fully Blocked (No commercial Phone or SMS allowed). DNCIndia.com has free custom filters for both the requirements.

Q.9 - I need scrubbing for sending mass SMS only. Do you provide this?
Ans.: Yes

Q.10 - Do you support multiple category scrubbing for SMS?
Ans.: Planned in near future. Please register with us, we will update you as it is available.

Q.11 - What is the 'update' status of DNCIndia.com database? How soon does my scrubbed list expire?
Ans.:DNCIndia.com maintains a local database of all the numbers in NCPR (over 14.7 crore telephone numbers and growing). The scrubbing is done from most updated NCPR data at any given day. The scrubbed list expire with next update in NCPR database which occurs twice a week (on every Tuesday and Friday). As per NCPR DNC guidelines, it is the telemarketer’s responsibility to manage compliance from the latest updates. DNCIndia acts as an easy interface for DND filtering. Extending it further, APIs to achieve higher levels of automation and also adding notification service on the last update of database along with the associated statistics is also on the roadmap.

Q.12 - Can I automate the manual compliance management?
Ans.: DNCIndia.com has planned API interfaces (Coming Soon) that will further ease the task of compliance management. The manual intervention of periodically filtering call lists will be removed and direct automation will be possible.

Q.13 - How do I configure alerts/ notification triggers?
Ans.: The feature is not available in the beta stage. Very soon, DNCIndia.com users would be able to opt for alerts / notifications service. Available via Email or SMS, registered users would be able to configure business critical alerts useful to their operations and for audit purposes.

Q.14 - Can I have this facility at my premise?
Ans.: DNCIndia.com will soon have direct integration facility with on-premise solutions. For any urgent requirement, please contact us for a process analysis.

Q.15 - What are the other commercial offerings of DNCIndia.com?
Ans.: DNCIndia.com is an free-service initiave taken by Drishti-Soft Solutions. However, other added services such as providing APIs/ Connectors will be charged accordingly.

Q.16 - Can you take care of compliance as managed services?
Ans.: Planned in near future. Please register with us, we will update you as it is available.

Q.17 - How reliable is the DNCIndia.com scrubbed list?
Ans.: DNCIndia.com Database is updated in sync with the NCPR database twice a week (while it has been published by NCPR). The scrubbing is done by using high level linked list programming which actuates the process with reliability

Q.18 - How do you ensure the reliability of DNCIndia.com platform?
Ans.: To ensure faultless performance, we have implemented various security designs for database including firewall, log management and analysis, database replication/ synchronization and backups. We also apply information security controls within the database programs and functions like audit trails and control management. Daily maintenance is maintained via a 24X7 NOC and checklists.

Q.19 - What are the Information security measures taken?
Ans.: The data is kept in a TIER 1 datacenter and regular backups are being taken to ensure reliability. Also 128-bit SSL encryption of all data ensures information security. For DNCIndia.com, it is a mandate to provide DNC scrubbing service reliably to the industry at large.

Q.20 - Do you have DR?
Ans.: Dncindia.com is running at a tier 1 Data center and regular backups are being taken to ensure reliability. It is our mandate tp provide this service reliably to industry at large.

Q.21 - What is the SLA level you provide?
Ans.: DNCIndia.com platform is designed to deliver high SLA's upto the order of 99.95%

Q.22 - What is the cap limit for the numbers that can be uploaded in a file ?
Ans.: Currently in the Beta Stage, DNCIndia.com allows upload of file containing a max. of 10,000 phone numbers for free service. The final launch will have offerings to support larger files.

Q.23 - Can I download 'callable' and 'non-callable' list after the scrubbing?
Ans.: This is currently unavailable. DNCIndia.com displays the scrubbing results to its users online and allows download of only 'callable/ contactable' numbers. For any specific requirement, you can contact us and it can be done on a customization basis.

Q.24 - Do you keep a log of information I upload to the website?
Ans.: DNCIndia.com does not store any numbers uploaded by the users. As soon as scrubbing is done, the results are transfered to the user without any back-up record of the list uploaded. The only user information stored is the login detail and the actions taken by the user - this is for audit purposes only.

Q.25 - What are Terms and Conditions of Service of DNCIndia.com
Ans.: Please go through this link- http://www.dncindia.com/terms_of_service.php

Q.26 - Want to read more about NDNC FAQs?

Q.27 - Want to read more about NCPR FAQs?
Ans.: http://www.nccptrai.gov.in/nccpregistry/FAQs.pdf

*SMS Categories

Following preferences under partially blocked categories are available to a customer:
(1) Banking/ Insurance/ Financial products/ credit cards,
(2) Real Estate,
(3) Education,
(4) Health,
(5) Consumer goods and automobiles,
(6) Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment/ IT,
(7) Tourism and Leisure.

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